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    SCC 2017 SCC Rules

    Competition Rules


    • Teams will be comprised of not more than 4 students.
    • Attire is business casual for the event.
    • Each team will bring its own laptop (with a USB port for a memory stick).
    • Upon registration, each team will be assigned an identifying team letter and will not disclose their school affiliation until completion of the Team Presentations. The use of school insignia/school colors is prohibited during the competition.
    • Each team will receive access information to use The Fresh Connection via email.  Each Student is responsible for providing a valid email address at time of registration.     
    • Teams cannot discuss the case with anyone except their own Team Members once the first simulation round begins.  There will be two webinars, the 1st to introduce the simulation tool to the Team and the 2nd webinar for the Teams to get Feedback from The Fresh Connections Facilitator.  The Facilitator is the only person that may be asked questions.
    •  Teams may bring any textbooks, journals, or other written materials to Albany.
    • Internet access will be allowed.
    • Students may use any type of software for case analysis.
    • Clarifying questions, to the Simulation Facilitator, will be allowed. 
    • Teams total score is based 50% on the simulation performance + 50% presentation score.


    Deliverable – Simulation Rounds:

    • Teams will participate in simulation rounds using The Fresh Connections tool to work on supply chain issues and will develop and execute their solutions in the simulation.
    • The first simulation round will have 0% weight to allow for all Teams to get acquainted with the simulation tool.  Each round afterwards will have more weight as the Teams compete through simulation round 2 – round 5.
    • Teams will be ranked by their ROI to determine if they were successful in working the supply chain issues faced by the company in the simulation.  This ranking is 50% of the total score.

    Deliverable – Presentation: 

    • Teams will hand in the memory stick that contains the file for the Team Case presentation by 10:30 AM SHARP on Saturday March 4th.  The Presentation will be used during the verbal presentation to a Panel of Judges.  Teams will control the PowerPoint slide show during their presentation.
    • Any format may be used for the visual presentation but it must be in PowerPoint.  Other files can be used but must be embedded into the PowerPoint presentation.   Only one file can be submitted.  Each slide must contain the team's identification letter.


    •  At least two Team Members must present the Team case findings to a Judging Panel however Judges may ask a question of any Team Member.
    • The Team may present in any manner:  sitting, standing, behind a podium, etc. 
    • Teams are required to maintain backup copy of their presentation in the event memory stick is damaged during the event.

         Presentation Time Limits:

    • Presentation order will be by random drawing on Friday at Event Registration.
    • The Team Presentation maximum time limit is (8) minutes.
    • The overall Team Presentation will be timed:

    o   8 minutes for presentation

    o   5 minutes for Judges' questions

    o   2 minutes for Team changeover

    • Please ensure the Team is in the Presentation Waiting Area, 20 minutes prior to the scheduled presentation time.  There will be space for any final preparations and we need to ensure Teams are ready and on-deck at the needed time.
    • Any Team late for their time slot may present within the remaining time of the first 8-minute presentation window.  If a Team arrives after the 8-minute presentation window they will not be allowed to present to the Judging Panel.
    • Case solutions presented will become the property of the APICS Chapters of the Northeast District.
    • Teams will not be allowed to watch presentations until after their own presentation is complete.

    Recognition and Awards:

    • The top three Teams in each Flight will receive a monetary award.
    • The top scoring Team of the event will also be named the Grand Champion and represent the Northeast District at the 2017 APICS International Conference in San Antonio, Texas!

    Most Important Rule:

    • Have fun!