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Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI)

October 08, 2017
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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APICS Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI)


October 8&9 2017 Learning Dynamics for Instructors.(LDI)

The APICS LDI class examines the dynamics of the classroom and describes techniques to maximize learning. This course builds on the foundation developed in the prerequisite APICS Train the Trainer (TTT) course.

APICS LDI participants gain a better understanding of learning principles and styles. Discover how to select appropriate training methods, enhance listening and questioning skills, use feedback, and handle challenging situations. APICS LDI class examines the dynamics of the classroom and describes techniques for managing your students and maximizing their learning.

This interactive two-day, eight-session, hands-on APICS workshop includes:

  • identifying the elements of an effective and positive learning environment
  • selecting active training methods to maximize learning
  • using interactive communication skills to assess and reinforce learning
  • developing and practicing strategies for handling problem situations
  • enhancing the motivation of learners
  • developing a deeper understanding of student's learning styles and how they affect training
  • practicing impromptu speaking
  • matching training methods to learning objectives
  • planning for future instructional skills development

Note, price for the program is $550,00, ticket price below lists $0.00, this is due to our inability to accept payments via the website, but we still need a registration process  

Following online registration, please send your payment for $550.00 made out to APICS Northeast District in care of:

Reed DuBow
7 Highland Avenue,
NJ 07403


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